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Our Policies

Our puppies are crate trained. They sleep in a crate and when I get up, I take them outside to do their business. You will have to house train them since they have to get used to your routine.

We like to keep in touch with each of our puppies' parents throughout their lives. Knowing how each puppy is doing in their new homes and their health allows us to maintain the quality of our litters. Please let us know if any serious health problem or condition should arise as your puppy gets older. We love seeing how our puppies grow with their new families. We welcome any and all photos and video updates whenever you can! 

Should you not want your puppy anymore, please send them back to us. We will not allow any of our puppies to be placed in a shelter, abandoned, or to simply be without a loving home for any reason. We will take your puppy back and find a good home for them. You will not receive a refund upon return due to no longer wanting your fur-member. Unless the puppy is not older than 10 weeks we will take out a rehoming fee and veterinarian expenses. You must have your puppy tested for Parvovirus before returning it.

Bella Notte Puppies Contract

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