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 Retrievers, Poodles, and Doodles

ENGLISH CREAM GOLDEN RETRIEVERS' HISTORY: They are a style of the breed from Scotland, not England.  They're a mix of the yellow wavy-coated retriever and the tweed water spaniel named the Lord Tweedmouth.  The Scottish lord bred the first Golden Retrievers in the mid 1800, so he'd have his own exceptional hunting dogs. The English cream retriever have intelligent and loyal personalities. these dogs are sweet, loving, obedient and attentive.  You can expect your golden retriever to follow your commands and to love joining you for family activities.  English Goldens are known to be calm and mature with proper training.  They aren't particularly hyper or overly energetic.  By contrast, American Goldens are known to have more energy and be a bit more stubborn.  Some owners also find that, prior to training they're a bit more boisterous in their behavior.  

The English Cream Goolden Retriever's coat has a self-cleaning quality.  Mud and dirt allow to dry will brush out easily, however keeping your Golden brushed at least twice a week will help to remove dead hair that could end up on your floor.

RED MOYEN POODLES:  talk about rare, Red Moyen Poodles are even more rare.  Moyen or Klein Paudels as they are called in Europe are the newest color and size in the Poodle world.  They are not yet recognized size in the United States.  The few Moyen size breeding stock here in the US has been imported from Russia, Finland and Germany. Please Google the Moyen Poodles and the English Cream Golden Retrievers there is so much information that i cannot possible enter all of it in this page.  


As for the poodle's coat, the apricot color is rare because it's a recessive gene to every poodle color but white.  All other poodle colors were established prior to the apricot color.  We believe apricot is truly a beautiful color and it's a treasure to own such a poodle.